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From: Baby Boss Productions Channel, Good Dick Dates

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Good Dick Dates is from the series, Billie Gene’s Journal, featured on our Network Channel, Baby Boss Productions.

Good Dick Dates is a XXX short film from The Billie Genes Journal Collection. In this journal entry, Billie expresses a desire shared by many modern women. Billie has learned to have sex on her own terms. She doesn’t have to wait to go on dates or play games to hide her desires. When Billie wants sex, she wants it good. She loves the kinda date that ends with Good Dick. Lucky for Billie, Y.B. is here. Y.B. plays Billie Genes’ ex who is still available for Good Dick delivery.

The sex in this XXX short is powerful, at times sensual, but never disappointing. Billie Gene is on fire with sexual energy. Billie displays the immense talent that makes her a star. Then there is the other half of this dynamic team; Y.B. This young man is a newer porn star who is on the rise.  Y.B.s dick is measured by the foot and that dick is indeed Good. Our female fans will not be disappointed. Whether you are a fan of Billie Gene, Y.B. or just a loyalist of the Platinum Pictures Network, Good Dick Dates is not to be missed.

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