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From: BabyBossProductions, NastyAsCanBe.Com, Episode 1

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In Episode 01 of NastyAscanBe.Com, The devious playboy, Mike Gardener (Lorenzo Loretto) never really got over losing his personal play toy Tracy Miller (Melanie Woods) to his childhood nemesis Darryl Carter (Ricky Lawson). So it’s not enough for Mike to fuck Tracy behind Darryl’s back, Mike feels the need to let Darryl know that he’s fucking his lady. While Mike is away fucking Tracy, and many others, Mike’s professional girlfriend Danielle Cooper decides she will enjoy the perks of being an executive and give her new trainee, Tim a very close inspection. Finally, Darryls’ jealously and rage reach the boiling point and leads to an event that will change the lives and the future for each character. Fasten your seat belts and watch The Pilot Episode of; NastyAsCanBe.Com .

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