Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan wrote into DearLorenzo.com to co-star with him in the Platinum Pictures Inc. reality web series DearLorenzo.Com Alexis was invited to join Lorenzo in the 16th episode of DearLorenzo.Com . Alexis Morgan was then signed to Platinum Pictures Inc’s adult video Drama series, NastyAsCanBe.com . Alexis appeared in episodes 1,2,3 and four. Her multiple partner rough sex performance in NastyAsCanBe.Com episode 4 quickly became a fan favorite. Alexis’s contract with Platinum Pictures Inc. was not renewed due to personality conflicts with other cast and creative differences with our director and CEO, Ms.Baby Boss. We do not expect to work with Alexis Morgan again, but her work at Platinum Pictures Inc. has made a lasting impression.

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From: BabyBossProductions, NastyAsCanBe.Com, Episode 1

NastyAscanBe.Com In Episode 01. NastyAsCanBe.Com is streamed on our Network channel, BabyBossProductions Channel.

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