Alisa Lamoure

Alisa Lamoure is a pretty chocolate drop of sexuality and smarts. She has talents not stereotypical of an adult video star. However, she is a dazzling performer with a sexy mouth hot body and energy to spare. She enjoys the acting opportunities here at Platinum Pictures inc. She made her debut in Season three of DrLoretto.Com episode; Dick Donation. We hope our fans love her as much as we do because we would like her to work with us again.

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From: DrLoretto.Com Dick Donation

In this Dr. Loretto.com episode, The lovely Alisa Lamoure plays a lady coming to Dr. Loretto not for therapy, but for a donation. Seems she works for a sex addicts group and needs a donation. Lorenzo Loretto donates what he knows she needs most …. His Dick.

The Platinum Pictures Network, Baby Boss Productions and Lorenzo Loretto have brought you many unknown performers who have gone on to enjoy careers in adult video and independent film. Be on the look out for Ms. Alisa Lamoure. This is her first professional acting & sexual performance, but we are willing to bet, it will not be her last.

Do yourself a favor, watch and enjoy, the freaky humor and the consistently powerful sexual performance of Lorenzo Loretto as well as the making of a new star Ms. Alisa Lamoure in this hot episode of Dr. Loretto.Com-Dick Donation.

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