Lorenzo Loretto

Lorenzo Loretto is an exclusive adult video performer for The Platinum Pictures Network. Although Lorenzo is an actor and model, he is best known for his career in adult videos.

In April 2001, Lorenzo made his adult video debut in this hardcore hit, Lorenzo’s Smut Stories. Lorenzo worked as an actor, co-writer and producer on that project. Lorenzo next starred in our all oral project called FACE. Lorenzo’s hardcore thuggish style helped FACE earn a “Black Video
Illustrated’s Editors Choice Award”.

After a brief hiatus from adult video and Platinum Pictures Inc., In 2003 Lorenzo Loretto returned to his adult video career and signed an exclusive agreement with Platinum Pictures Inc.

Lorenzo went on to be the first ethnic male to get his own adult reality series DearLorenzo.com Lorenzo both starred and produced this series for Platinum Pictures Inc. Lorenzo started his own company; Lorenzo Entertainment Inc. this company was started to allow Lorenzo to develop, produce and direct projects of his own.

Although Lorenzo is proficient at acting in any straight sex performance, Fans most love his rough sex style and unique satirical presentation developed at Platinum Pictures Inc. So in 2009 Platinum Pictures Inc. and Lorenzo Entertainment formed a joint venture “TheRoughStuff.Com studios which would explore various rough sex shorts, features and series.

Unlike most adult video performers Lorenzo Loretto stars in most (if not all) of the video scenes in the movies he performs.. Lorenzo Loretto was also one of the first straight male stars to be featured predominantly on the front covers of his VHS and DVD box covers. A straight male (particularly an ethnic male) featured on the front cover of a straight adult video box cover was ground breaking and caused lots of controversy in the early 2000’s.

Lorenzo Loretto has also broke traditional ethnic taboos by taking on fetish and non-traditional sexual roles for men of color. Lorenzo played no attention to homophonic concerns when he accepted in role in which he was to get his ass licked by a female. This lead to some noticeable controversy but an even bigger demand to see more of that fetish. Lorenzo complied and accepted new fetish roles which explored foot fetish themes as well.

Lorenzo’s boldness and bravery in accepting non-traditional roles garnered him a wide, extremely diverse and ever-growing fan base. Females, straight men, bi-sexual and gay men have all expressed their love for his movies and his outrageously humorous character.

Lorenzo has expressed a special gratitude to his fans that don’t and won’t illegally download or access his movies from bootleggers and thieves. He and Platinum Pictures Inc. were gratified theses fans understand that those activities hurt our ability to produce more entertainment for fans to enjoy. Sharing (which is stealing) also takes money directly from Lorenzo and other performers.

On January 1 2012 Lorenzo Loretto suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a physical attack from multiple assailants. This attack was completely unrelated to his adult video career or his on-screen character. In fact, Lorenzos’ fans have shown him lots of love and support. Lorenzo has thanked them often and continues to show his gratitude. Lorenzo took a leave of absence for but has made to decision to make videos only as his health and energy allows. Platinum Pictures Inc. has agreed to accommodate his needs and allow him to make video appearances in the amounts and durations as medically possible and no more.

Videos (11)


From: DearLorenzo.Com – Star Owens

DearLorenzo.Com Presents, Star Owens. Star wrote to Lorenzo because she knows she has been a spoiled brat and wants to change her ways. The DearLorenzo.Com show is featured in our Network channel; DearLorenzo.Com

From: TheRoughStuff.Com, Rough Shorts, Appreciation

From: TheRoughStuff.Com, Rough Shorts, Appreciation

Appreciation is a hot story of a complaining bitch (played by, Star Owens) that gets all the attention she can handle. Both Skeet At'ems and Lorenzo Loretto fuck Star's face and throat in this rough sex fantasy. Rough Shorts streams on our TheRoughStuff.Com Network channel. 


From: DearLorenzo.Com – Miami East

DearLorenzo.Com offers one of our most special episodes.  Lorenzo got a letter from a guy telling him about his fine ass sister in law. Her name... Miami East. The DearLorenzo.Com show is featured on our Network channel; DearLorenzo.Com


From: BabyBossProductions, PlatinumExxxtras, We Just Met

In this,“Platinum Exxxtras” offering we present “We Just Met”. In this video short; you'll learn how Lorenzo Loretto handles many of his first dates. It may not be traditional romance, but it is hot as hell. “Platinum Exxxtras” series produces mostly-sex content. “Platinum Exxxtras” is provided by our Network channel; BabyBossProductions Channel

From:TheRoughStuff.Com, Rough Shorts, On Hold

From:TheRoughStuff.Com, Rough Shorts, On Hold

An xxx short film is offered through the "Rough Shorts" series. "On Hold" is a BDSM xxx short film. This xxx short is simple perfection! Lorenzo even debuts his new anal position he calls the "Anal Superman". "On Hold" xxx film short is from the "Rough Shorts" series.  The "Rough Shorts" series streams on our Network channel, BabyBossProductions Channel


From: BabyBossProductions, NastyAsCanBe.Com, Episode 1

NastyAscanBe.Com In Episode 01. NastyAsCanBe.Com is streamed on our Network channel, BabyBossProductions Channel.


From: Baby Boss Productions, Oral Express

In this, "Platinum Exxxtras" offering we present "Oral Express". Lorenzo was supposed to take Tammy Penderass to the train station; Instead, he took her to the tracks... Then FUCKED HER FACE!


From: BabyBossProductions, BabyBossPresents, Some Cumfort

Baby Boss Presents… Some Cumfort. Lorenzo proves he's a good guy by listening to the problems of women with man problems. No matter the problem, Lorenzo has one solution... Giving Her, Hard Dick!


From: DrLoretto.Com Dick Donation

In this Dr. Loretto.com episode, The lovely Alisa Lamoure plays a lady coming to Dr. Loretto not for therapy, but for a donation. Seems she works for a sex addicts group and needs a donation. Lorenzo Loretto donates what he knows she needs most …. His Dick.

The Platinum Pictures Network, Baby Boss Productions and Lorenzo Loretto have brought you many unknown performers who have gone on to enjoy careers in adult video and independent film. Be on the look out for Ms. Alisa Lamoure. This is her first professional acting & sexual performance, but we are willing to bet, it will not be her last.

Do yourself a favor, watch and enjoy, the freaky humor and the consistently powerful sexual performance of Lorenzo Loretto as well as the making of a new star Ms. Alisa Lamoure in this hot episode of Dr. Loretto.Com-Dick Donation.


From: Baby Boss Productions; Channel A Little Pussy

Originally shot for a now-shelved project, this scene almost didn't reach our audience. But given some of the great outdoor dick sucking by new-comer Essence Allure, we decided to share this scene with you.

From: BabyBossProductions, Her Baby Daddy

From: BabyBossProductions, Her Baby Daddy

In this, “BabyBossPresents...” offering we present “Her Baby Daddy”. What follows is a blistering, dick sucking, ball licking, ass eating, toe sucking, foot worshiping, pussy popping, ass fucking good time.

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